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GenOSys takes all of your sensors, data collection, cloud platforms, and protocols, and makes sense of it. Because no matter what happens upstream, no matter how much data you have; it’s useless if you don’t understand what's happening now and what will happen.
To achieve this, what you need is the intelligence and experience of GenOSys. This is where the opportunity is, and this is where GenOSys can help.

In the end, what counts is power generation uptime, efficiency, and the safety of your employees. Get access to experts.

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GenOSys is not just a product we will sell you and then forget about you.
It is not just a system that will alert you when something is about to go wrong. It is a system backed by an experienced service organization which will help you solve incidents before they become accidents.

GenOSys is available as stand-alone but also with additional service and maintenance contracts.

Are You Ready?

Learn how our connected power solutions can save you money, improve your workforce safety, and increase system reliability

Now is the right time to consider connected solutions:

  • Benefit from the tremendous CAPEX and OPEX savings that are at stake
  • Ensure improved asset reliability and workforce safety
  • Safeguard against unnecessary system intervention
  • Streamline your management, service, and logistics organizations
  • Manage a smoother workforce migration
  • See how connected power assets can really change the power generation game and offer cost containment advantages
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"We have broached a new world where operational theory can be applied with specific rules (based on decades of data capture and application expertise from a massive installed base) to critical assets in nearly real-time; all the while, the logic rules continue to get better and learn during operation. It is conceivable to connect the dots of components and sub-systems to explain, control, and optimize total system performance.
Spooky, perhaps, but invaluable when trying to protect and enhance the operation of a critical asset at the lowest possible cost of ownership; the most value is unlocked when using all of the information together in concert as a complete system, not individual components."

Who We Are

Leroy-Somer Electric Power Generation is the global #1 for alternators 10kW to 25MW. We support generator set manufacturers and power generation projects worldwide.

Our solutions help the industry provide steadier, cleaner, reliable electric power. We offer solutions for all standby, essential and critical applications, from pioneer drilling outposts to busy commercial zones.

With over 5,000 employees and over 80 touchpoints at your service worldwide, there's always an expert near you.

  • Two strong brands: Leroy-Somer & Kato Engineering
  • Industrial alternators for generator sets
  • Custom-engineered medium and high voltage alternators
  • Dedicated solutions for oil & gas, marine, rail and more
  • Worldwide service network

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